4-year-old boy’s body found chopped into pieces in AP

By Samanth Lanka  Published on  30 Aug 2019 1:11 PM GMT
4-year-old boy’s body found chopped into pieces in AP

Hyderabad: Annapureddy Subhash, aged four, from Gurazala's Veerabahdrapuram Colony, was found dead on Friday. The child’s body had been chopped into pieces.

On August 25, Subhash's father Guravaiah had filed a missing complaint at Gurazala police station. The boy was last seen at his home from where he went missing, and his body was found six days later, on August 30.

“We found the body in a disturbed state in an area where stray dogs and pigs roam. The body parts are separated. Skull and bones were torn apart. Subhash's parents identified the body as their son after seeing the t-shirt that the boy had worn on the day of missing. The t-shirt was found with bloodstains,” said Srihari Babu, Sub-Division officer of Guruzala police station.

After examining the skull, the doctor declared that it belonged to a 4-year-old boy. A murder case has been registered and the case was being investigated, police said. Clues team are investigating the incident.

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