49 accidents, 20 deaths in first 6 months on ORR, Overspeeding major reason

By Sumit Jha  Published on  5 Aug 2020 10:52 AM GMT
49 accidents, 20 deaths in first 6 months on ORR, Overspeeding major reason

Hyderabad: In the last one month, the escort vehicle of an AP minister overturned and a head constable of the APSP died in an accident (on July 7) on the Outer Ring Road (ORR) of Hyderabad. On August 3, an Indigo Airlines pilot died as his car crashed into a container truck on the same road. However, the Director of Telangana Police Academy, V.V Srinivasa Rao, escaped unhurt in an accident on July 15, on the ORR. These are the major accident came into the light at ORR.

According to the Cyberabad Traffic Police data, in the first six months of this year, a total of 49 accidents occurred on the ORR, claiming 20 lives.

“Overspeeding is the major reason for many of the accidents. Violation of lane discipline, in which motorists abruptly change the lanes without using the light indicators at a high speed, without considering the traffic ahead and behind, is one other reason for many other accidents. The third reason for the mishaps is indulging in other activities while driving like speaking on cell phone or with other occupants in a car or some other motorist outside. Some accidents also occur as the drivers fall asleep at the wheel. The other reason for accidents is parking vehicles at dangerous points and the most important reason is drunk driving,” said A.R. Srinivas, DCP, Cyberabad Traffic Police.

In the first six months of this year, there was a total of 10 fatal accidents, while 39 were non-fatal accidents. In April, when there was lockdown and restriction on movement of vehicles on the ORR, there were only non-fatal accidents on it.

However, the number of accidents saw a surge in May and June, when a total of 19 mishaps occurred on the ORR.

“Compared to the last year, this year, the road accidents have increased and one reason for this could be the extra-stress the drivers faced due to the lockdown. Shortage of drivers led to overload of work on those existing and these drivers either fell asleep at the wheel due to exhaustion or parked their vehicles at dangerous points to take a nap that led to accidents,” the DCP said.

In the first six months, a total of 52 people were injured in accidents on the ORR. The traffic department considers ORR as one among the many other roads in the city. They understand that a majority of the motorists on this road are involved in long driving hours. Long hours at the wheel could lead to distraction and then to accidents.

“ORR as per the engineering standards is the best road we have in the city. People should drive sensibly to avoid accidents. They should focus more on driving and less on other activities. A majority of the accidents are occurring due to human error,” he added.

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