500 buildings of `Filmnagar bastis’ to get a colorful makeover

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  25 Feb 2020 4:18 AM GMT
500 buildings of `Filmnagar bastis’ to get a colorful makeover


  • For a change, the 'bastis' of Filmnagar are all set to get a colorful makeover
  • Thanks to Misaal India group, almost 500 buildings are being given a facelift

Hyderabad: Misaal India Group is well known for sprucing up slums of Mumbai, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Started in 2016, Misaal initiative was aimed at transforming slums by painting, educating and empowering the community.

Misaal India has now tied up with Phoenix Group to change the face of 'bastis’ in Hyderabad. Under the project, the group is giving a facelift to almost 500 buildings in the area. The works include painting the walls with rainbow colors and using artworks to bring the area to life.

Misaal Hyderabad

"Beautification is just 10% of what we aim to achieve. Our main aim is to educate and empower the community especially the women and youth. The paintings, we are doing, will fade away in a few years. But if we educate the community, they will feel a sense of belonging," Rouble Nagi, who is heading the project, told NewsMeter.

Misaal Org Paints 500 Bastis In Fimnagar Hyderabad

One of the main attractions of Filmnagar 'bastis’ is the iconic wall which has an old-style camera painted on it. The adjacent wall features a girl who lets vibrant colour flow off her hands .

"Filmnagar is frequented by film stars. We are also trying to make it true filmy by using vibrant and eye-catching colors. Plus we are using art to create awareness. So we will be engraving quotes on the walls in such a manner that people passing by appreciate the beautiful piece of artwork. In nutshell we are trying to educate people through art," Nagi said.

Misaal Hyd 2

The project has been divided into phases. In the first phase, the group has decked out around 100 buildings. "We have just completed the first phase of the project. We will start the second phase in March.," said Kapil Aswani, who works with the Rouble Nagi Art Foundation. The foundation will paint the whole site in three or four phases.

Missal Painted Buildings

In the second phase, 500 more buildings will be spruced up. "Art is something which binds people together. So if the local community joins us, they will get a sense of ownership," said Aswani.

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