Actor Balakrishna helps sick cancer patient from Anantapur through his hospital

Hyderabad: Actor and MLA from Hindpur, Nandamuri Balakrishna has come forward to help Swapna, an intermediate student who has bone cancer. Belonging to a low-income family, Swapna is from Somnath Nagar, Anantapur, and her father, Venu, is a lorry driver. His earnings barely cover their daily needs.

Following Swapna’s diagnosis, the doctors informed her parents that the treatment would cost around Rs 6 lakh. Not knowing what to do next, Swapna’s parents kept her at home and started requesting their near and close ones for help. Meanwhile, Swapna’s classmates took the issue to the owner of the Basavatarakam Cancer Hospital, actor and Hindpur MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna, seeking his advice concerning Swapna’s treatment.

Responding to the students’ requests, Balayya, Chairman of the Basavatarakam Indo-American Cancer Hospital, called Swapna’s parents to the hospital through her classmates. He spoke with them in detail regarding her health for more than half an hour.

The actor also ordered doctors to start Swapna’s treatment immediately without any further delay. Venu promptly admitted her to the hospital as Balakrishna asked the doctors and the hospital management to do the needful. The doctors have immediately started the treatment and will soon conduct the necessary surgery along with other related medication free. She is now admitted to the hospital as a part of her treatment.

Swapna’s parents, who lost all hopes after knowing her critical health condition, are now happily praying for her speedy recovery. It is all in thanks to Balakrishna’s decision to help Swapna and her parents have thanked him for his kind gesture.

Speaking of the same, Balakrishna has made sure that he will take care of all expenses related to Swapna’s treatment and medicines. He also hopes that Swapna would get back to her healthy life, joining her classmates in college and continuing her education.

Swapna’s family have expressed their happiness on this great initiative taken by Balakrishna, who came forward to help Swapna. Her family is not only happy but hopeful as well. They have expressed their gratitude towards Balakrishna and the management of the Basavatarakam hospital.

Anurag Mallick

Anurag Mallick

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