Akshay Kumar rides Mumbai Metro like a BOSS

By Abhishek Pandey  Published on  19 Sep 2019 4:20 AM GMT
Akshay Kumar rides Mumbai Metro like a BOSS

Mumbai : Bollywood stars are often seen taking a ride on a bicycle or in an autorickshaw but have you ever seen one taking a ride on a fully packed metro train? Bollywood star Akshay Kumar surprised everyone by taking a metro ride during the peak hours of Wednesday and travelled like a boss.

Akshay Kumar shared a video on his twitter handle where he was seen travelling via Mumbai Metro to beat the traffic. He shared the video with the caption, "My ride for today, the @MumMetro ...travelled #LikeABoss from Ghatkopar to Versova beating the peak hour traffic "

In the video, the actor shared that he was shooting in Ghatkopar and had to travel to Versova and his GPS said that the trip would take over two hours by car. That is when his friend and 'Good News' director, Raj Mehta suggested they take the metro. The Khiladi Kumar hesitated at first but then decided to risk the tour. They took a couple of security guards and boarded the metro and managed to cover the two-hour journey in just 20 minutes. He also said that since the metro is elevated, the rainfall does not affect its frequency.

The Mission Mangal star even took a shot of the crowded metro and mentioned that it was good that no one recognized him. The star was standing in a corner in the crowded train and also panned the camera on Good News director, Raj Mehta.

Before Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan had also praised the metro a couple of days back. Senior Bachchan had tweeted, "Friend of mine had a medical emergency, decided to take METRO instead of his car ...Came back very impressed .. said was faster, convenient and most efficient .. Solution for Pollution .. Grow more trees .. I did in my garden .. Have you.?"

Although, his tweet didn't go down well and received backlash by many on social media. Several environmentalists protested outside his home in Juhu for praising the Mumbai metro.

The metro has been involved in controversy for a few days now. The Mumbai Metro 3 car shed plan is in the midst of a heated debate as the work will see the felling of over 2700 trees in the Aarey forest. Aarey is the only green lung of Mumbai City which is also home to various species.

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