Hyderabad: Abhijeet and Harika are two strong contestants in the fourth season of Bigg Boss Telugu TV show. Although they were not friends, they are getting along well in the house. They became good friends in the first week itself. Harika told Nagarjuna that she could share anything with Abhijeet and he would not judge her. Abhijeet also gives a lot of importance to Harika. During the Robots & Humans task, Abhijeet let Harika charge her battery first even when others needed it. But, the friendship is now turning into rivalry!

Currently, the BB Hotel task is in progress in the Bigg Boss house. Abhijeet is a part of the hotel staff team, whereas Harika is a guest at the hotel. Abhijeet is the hotel manager and he will have to impress the guests to earn stars. On Wednesday’s episode, Abhijeet manipulated Harika by impressing her, and he has taken five stars from her. Harika did not realize that Abhijeet played a trick to earn stars, and she realized it late. With this move, she has put the other guests in a danger zone. After realizing her mistake, Harika pleaded with Bigg Boss to consider only one star to Abhijeet.

The game is still in progress. On Thursday’s episode promo, we can see Harika and Abhijeet arguing over the same. Harika reveals that Abhijeet took the stars by playing a trick. Abhijeet admits to playing a trick and defends himself.

There are mixed responses from the audiences about what Abhijeet did in the task. Some are supporting Abhijeet while others are finding fault.



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