Hyderabad: Following the outbreak of Corona virus in the state, the Chilkur Balaji temple, for the second time, held special prayers to protect people from the deadly virus. Priests recited the 'apamarjana stotram' and 'sudarshana ashtakam'. Almost 100 devotees attended the prayers on 5 March. Chief priest C.S Rangarajan said they will recite these shlokas repeatedly in order to contain the virus.

“The devotees offered special prayers so that people in the country are safe from the Corona virus which killed thousands in China and infected nearly 98,000 globally," said Rangarajan. The aparjana stotram is a prayer addressed to various forms of Lord Vishnu, while sudarshana ashtakam cleanses our body and mind of various sicknesses, he said. Besides these two shlokas, the devotees also chanted the narasimha mantra.

On 5 February, similar prayers were held in the temple in order to contain the spread of Corona virus.

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