Cockroach spotted in chicken soup in Blue Fox Restaurant

By Anusha Puppala  Published on  18 Oct 2019 5:11 PM GMT
Cockroach spotted in chicken soup in Blue Fox Restaurant

Hyderabad: A family on Friday walked out of Blue Fox restaurant, Himayatnagar after they spotted a cockroach in the soup they ordered. The incident occurred at around 2:30 pm, when Srimukhi Reddy along with her family were dining at the restaurant in Himayatnagar. However, to their shock, they found a cockroach in the Chinese dish they ordered.

However, they were highly disappointed after they first received corn-soup despite ordering Chicken Manchow soup for the starters. Annoyed after delivering the wrong order, the family asked the hotel staff to replace the soup with chicken manchow soup immediately. But this time they were more disappointed as they spotted a cockroach in their soup.

20-year-old Srimukhi Reddy who went to Blue Fox to eat lunch along with family, told Newsmeter, "We four of them reached to Blue Fox to grab some lunch along with some family time. Initially we ordered Chicken manchow soup but they got us Corn soup by mistake and we asked them to replace it as we didn't ask for it. When they got us the chicken-manchow soup, we were shocked to spot a cockroach in it. We questioned the hotel staff about it and they immediately apologized, but we walked out to another nearby restaurant. It's horrible to see a cockroach in our soup. What if we had consumed it without observing carefully. Yesterday, Paradise restaurant was fined, today Blue Box served us cockroach in soup. We go for family lunch or dinners once in a while but now I feel we should not be eating out looking at the unhygienic maintenance of the hotels. We have lodged a complaint to the concerned food inspectors".

Dr. Hemalatha, Assistant Medical Officer of Health (AMOH), Secunderabad told Newsmeter, "We didn't get this complaint earlier. I will send the Food Inspector tomorrow itself for inspections. I have inspected Blue Fox and Himayathnagar Paradise a year back. Then they were fine. I think now since complaints are more, we should increase the inspection of kitchens more".

Mr Srikhande Umesh Kumar, a consumer activist and Founder of 'Know Your Rights' told Newsmeter, "Restaurants and hotel have become shelters for insects and cockroaches. GHMC should conduct a special inspection drive in the city and impose heavy penalty on hotels and restaurants and seize them if they are comprising on consumers health. Government should increase the number of food inspectors in GHMC as per the requirement. GHMC complaint mechanism should be improved so that people can file a complaint when they come across unhygienic food in the eateries."

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