Crimes at religious places: AP police register 33 cases, bust three interstate gangs

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  8 Oct 2020 8:04 AM GMT
Crimes at religious places: AP police register 33 cases, bust three interstate gangs

Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh police have registered around 33 cases of crimes at different places of worship in the state.

This follows the fire incident at Lakshmi Narasimha Temple in Antravedi of East Godavari district on September 6,

Andhra Pradesh police said that they have been able to detect 27 cases including busting 3 interstate gangs of temple offenders.

On October 7, police said that they have detected 5 crimes related to places of worship in the state in last two days.

A piece of fake news about the desecration of Saraswati Idol in Krishnaveni College, Guntur was circulated on social media. College authorities clarified that the idol had been damaged two years ago when a shed was being demolished in course of shifting the campus. Police also clarified that the news was false and malicious.

In Kurnool district, a case of theft in a temple was also detected after examining CCTV footage by Nandyal Town police. The CCTV footage revealed that two minor girls under the guise of picking up trash entered the temple, broke open the temple’s hundi and committed theft.

In another case at Adoni town of Kurnool district, robbers entered Peer Balesheb Dargah at midnight and destroyed the minarets as they were looking for hidden treasures. Police said when the robbers were unable to find any treasure; they broke open the hundi and stole cash. Police have arrested 5 people and have identified 5 other accused.

In the third case of Kurnool, the walls of a mosque at Adoni town were vandalized. Religious inscriptions of other faith were scribbled on the walls by unknown offenders. Police later arrested the accused.

In West Godavari district, a case of breaking the hundi and stealing valuables was detected. Later police found that two juveniles were involved in the case.

“Showcasing these non- related and isolated incidents, some anti-social elements and groups have been trying to disturb the communal harmony and damage the secular fabric of the state. They are also using all media platforms including social media to further their ill intentions,” said AP Police in its statement.

Police have asked the public to be cautious about such news on social media.

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