Cyberabad traffic police thrash Hyderabad FC team bus driver for excessive honking, misbehaving

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  7 Nov 2019 7:43 AM GMT
Cyberabad traffic police thrash Hyderabad FC team bus driver for excessive honking, misbehaving

Hyderabad: In a shocking act, the bus driver of the Hyderabad FC team was physically assaulted by the Cyberabad traffic police for excessive honking and misbehaving. The driver was dragged to the Cyberabad traffic police station on Wednesday after the match at the Gachibowli stadium.

Hyderabad FC was playing against NorthEast United at the Gachibowli stadium yesterday. After a close encounter between the two teams, Hyderabad FC team were returning to the hotel in the team bus when the cop started assaulting the bus driver in front of the entire squad near the IIIT Signal in Gachibowli at around 10 pm.

The cop also dragged the bus driver to the Cyberabad traffic police station.

Disappointed by the incident, the Hyderabad FC took to Instagram and Twitter to share the incident. They wrote, “An incident occurred today where the traffic police physically assaulted the bus driver of our Hyderabad FC team for reasons unknown. The driver was beaten by the cop in front of the entire team and dragged into the police station.”

Speaking to NewsMeter, the owner of the Hyderabad FC, Varun said, “From what we understand, we are completely unclear, no one knows why exactly this incident happened. From what we’ve heard, the bus was stopped at a signal, and the police came inside and dragged the driver and beat him in front of all the players. They then dragged him to the police station. The players were stranded on the bus for 30 minutes.”

“The team comprises of national team players and 10 foreigners including the support staff. This is completely uncalled for, and the players are completely in a state of shock. The foreigners have come to India for the first time. I have got no words to describe how they were feeling at the moment,” he added.

Varun said, “One of the reasons the police gave us is that the bus driver was honking with a loud horn or something like that. It’s just shocking. We’ve also heard that another bus carrying the fans was stopped as well. So, yes we’re just surprised with this, and now since we have a long break, with the international break coming up, the players have gone home and the players are a bit disturbed with what had happened.”

Speaking upon whether any complaint has been filed in regards to the issue, He said, “We’re getting the internal report from our end, and we will take this up.”

Responding to Hyderabad FC’s tweet on Twitter, the Cyberabad traffic police said, “Sir/Madam, Thank you for reporting the issue with us. This issue has been brought to the notice of our senior officers, and it is under inquiry.”

The Cyberabad Traffic police issued a rejoinder saying - " The matter has been enquired and the facts are that the said bus (Private Travel bus) was interposed by Gachibowli Traffic Police on 6/11/19 at 10:28 PM for the violations of excessive honking, using a prohibited air horn as part of their routine enforcement against heavy vehicles during night time in IT corridor in view of Road safety. As part of the process, the driver was asked to provide the driving license and other mandatory details. Instead of lawfully obeying the instructions of Traffic Police on duty, he kept on arguing and was causing traffic issues on the main road. Then, with the interference of other officials from the bus, the details were taken and a case was registered on causing noise pollution. The claims of manhandling and security issues of the football team are baseless and are far from the truth. Hyderabad F.C. is advised to ask their transport agent to obey all the traffic rules and also remove prohibited Air horns from the vehicles.

Cyberabad Traffic Police assures that no unnecessary inconvenience would be caused to the public on road obeying all the traffic rules."

Cyderabad Traffic Police

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