Four accused ganged up snatched revolver, forcing cops to open fire : CP Sajjanar

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  6 Dec 2019 7:07 AM GMT
Four accused ganged up snatched revolver, forcing cops to open fire : CP Sajjanar

Hyderabad: Telangana police have come out with their version on encounter killing of Disha's rapists on Friday. Police said the rapists tried to snatch away the revolver of one of the officials, resulting in a retaliatory action which lasted for 15 minutes.

Cyberabad Commissioner of police V C Sajjanar explained,"Investigation required to reconstruct the crime scene, the four were taken to the Chatanpalli culvert where Disha's charred body was found. While the cops tried to question them about the location of the missing cell phone, the four accused ganged up and tried to attack the police using sticks, stones. One of the accused Mohammed Areef snatched a revolver from the police. The cops present at the site insisted the four to surrender, however none adhered which resulted in cross-firing. They continued to attack cops, the four were later found dead, meters away from the crime scene".

According to the Police Commissioner, A sub-inspector and a constable suffered injuries in the cross-firing, the two have been taken to the hospital. 'One of the accused attacked SI Venkateswarlu with a stone, he was hit on the right side of his forehead and Constable Arvind Goud was hit on his right shoulder with a stick. He suffered soft tissue injury. Condition of both policemen is stable. Two revolvers were recovered from accused Mohammed Areef and Chintakunta Chenakeshavulu'' added the Commissioner. A team of doctors from Mahbub Nagar hospital conducted the postmortem at the alleged encounter spot.

Meanwhile, four Mandal revenue officers have been called to conduct the inquest (magisterial inquiry) into the alleged encounter of the four accused in the shocking gang-rape and murder of a Hyderabad veterinary doctor.

The MROs from Farooqnagar, Nandigama, Kothur, Chowdhariguda will be carrying out the inquest as the four accused lived in villages under their jurisdiction, said officials.

According to preliminary reports, the encounter took place in an agricultural field owned by one S Satyam. It is located 500 meters away from the spot where the body of the vet had been set on fire.

On the intervening night of December 5 and 6, the four men, who were in the custody of the Cyberabad police, were taken to Chantanpalli culvert where the charred body of the vet doctor was found.

Encounter police

According to cops, while the four were made to reconstruct the crime scene at the culvert, one of them tried to snatch the revolver of a policeman present at the site. The police firing occurred as defence, said cops.

Farmer S. Satyam, in whose agricultural fields the alleged encounter took place said that he reportedly saw the bodies scattered at around 6. 30 AM on Friday.

The bodies of the four are likely to be taken to Shadnagar or Mahbubnagar police station for postmortem.

The police have cordoned off the place, 150 meters radius from the bodies.

Other major wings of the Cyberabad police have been roped in to control the swelling crowd. Besides the law and order police, different wings like the TS intelligence, Special operations, clues team and others are present at the site.

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