Hyderabad: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has finally woken from its slumber. The civic body waited for 50 lives to be claimed by dengue before it acknowledged that the lack of awareness and cleanliness was the main causes for dengue. The GHMC has now introduced ‘Friday as dry day’ as a precautionary measure arrest the spread of dengue in localities.

In the colonies of the twin cities, garbage collecting trucks can be seen playing audio message on dengue. The message which was released by the health and sanitation wing of the GHMC, requests people to get rid of stagnant water in their localities, be it in buckets, pots, coconut shells or whatsoever.

The audio message or jingles have been made in the form of role play imitating popular movie dialogues and has attracted the attention of residents. With viral fevers on the rise, residents can be seen getting rid of garbage and stagnant water around their homes.

The jingles and audio messages ask residents to once a week take time clear their surroundings remove stagnant water around the house to avoid giving the dengue mosquitoes a ground to breed. The jingles are being playing in the areas of Kukatpally, Gajularamam and other areas.

Now, as soon as a dengue case is reported, the entomology officers and other GHMC officials personally visit the sites and observe the localities besides spreading awareness.

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