AP High Court questions police’s behaviour at peaceful protests

Hyderabad: The AP High Court has demanded answers from the State government over the conduct of the police during protests taking place in the Capital.

The court has expressed displeasure over the objectionable behaviour of the police with the agitating women, in the Capital area. The High Court also questioned Vijayawada Police as to why were 610 people, who participated in the Vijayawada rally, arrested. The court also demanded to know from the Police as to why they asked for the ID cards of the protestors. The High Court also expressed anger over the Police for assaulting the women in the Capital region with boots. The Advocate General has stated that they have violated the traffic norms.

Making the application of sections 144 and 30 clear, the court clarified that as per the Supreme Court’s guidelines, they can be levied only during an emergency and essential circumstances. However, Advocate General Sreeram has stated that Sections 30 and 144 have been in vogue in the villages fall under the Capital region, since 2014, and the Government didn’t bring in any new rules. The High Court also questioned as to what prompted Police to carry out March fast and Parade. When asked about the deployment of police in large numbers, the AG has stated that it was a preventive measure only, in order to ensure hassle-free environment in the Capital region villages.

All the photographs files by the petitioners were explained by a dossier with our comments and videos, the AG said. While judges did question about a few photographs, AG replied that they can’t be viewed in isolation and will have to be seen in the context of the videos. The march fast in Mandadam is permitted under AP police manual, he added.

A few photographs morphed and fake photos were also submitted, the AG said, and added that nowhere any peaceful protest was disturbed. On 10th, an orchestrated effort was put to converge at benz circle and disrupt normal life and hence police intervened, the AG has explained. “State does not have a policy of condoning any police excess. As regards section 144, detailed counters are required to be filed. We have always been complying with the law and the interim orders are strictly complied with. Further on 20th there is a call for assembly muttadi, collectorate muttadi and jail bharo programmes,” the AG said.

Justice Satyanarayana Murthy observed that protestors also have to maintain restraint.

Patri Vasudevan

Patri Vasudevan, is a senior journalist, worked with both visual and print media. He has 22 years’ experience in journalism. He has expertise in war zone reporting. Covered LTTE stories in Sri Lanka, and Nandigram & Lalgarh are best assignments, during his stint with TV9 and Sakshi TV at New Delhi. Vasudevan also served Deccan Chronicle, and filed good number of political investigative stories. As an RTI activist, Vasudevan could able to elicit frauds in the banking sector, and wrote number of interesting stories on as to how parking funds are misused.

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