Hyderabad: Complaint filed against Sudarshan News Editor for hate speech

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  27 Aug 2020 10:55 AM GMT
Hyderabad: Complaint filed against Sudarshan News Editor for hate speech

Hyderabad: A complaint has been filed against Sudarshan News and it's Chairman and Managing Director Suresh Chavhanke with the Hyderabad Police against its yet to release programme 'Naukershahi Jihad'.

The complaint has been filed after it's Editor-in-Chief and CMD Suresh Chavdhanke's promo for a show appeared on his personal twitter handle. Complainant S Q Masood in his complaint said, "Sudharshan News is going to organize a program names 'Bindasbol' on 28th August,2020 with the title 'Naukershahi Jihad'. The Channel has released incendiary content in the form of a program. The promo released by the channel's editor-in-chief, Sudharshan his personal twitter handle speaking inflammatory content using the term 'Maha abhiyaan on Naukershahi Jihad' 'Sarkar Naukershahi' and 'Jamia ke Jihadi'. The content also shows anchor making allegations and casting aspersion on the Muslim community, and implying the ordinary, well meaning and law-abiding citizens of the country are jihadist'.

The Complainant further adds, " The content has the potential to cause communal disturbance. Moreover the anchor is posting inflammatory tweets such as #UPSC Jihad and challenging through his tweets that this series would be tele-casted every day from 28th August on his respected channel. This program violates the program code under section (1) of the cable Television networks rules 1994'.

The complainant also said that due to inaction by the law enforcement agencies against people who are spreading hatred, misinformation and defamatory content through media houses across the country, the Muslim community has become the soft target for them.

“The above content is not only blatantly false, inflammatory, incendiary and communal in nature but also has the potential to cause a communal conflagration. As you are well aware that post-Delhi communal conflagration and violence, the Muslim community across the country and our city of Hyderabad is feeling a clear undercurrent of fear and insecurity,” said S Q Masood in his complaint.

S.Q Masood told NewsMeter that the complainant has been submitted to the online platform of the Hyderabad police and he is yet to receive an acknowledgement.

Meanwhile Civil servants condemns the content displayed on the social media handle of the channel's editor. Officials demanded action against the inflammatory promo.

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