Khairtabad junction to get a makeover

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  18 Dec 2019 11:54 AM GMT
Khairtabad junction to get a makeover

Hyderabad: If Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) goes about its plans then the day is not far-off when Khairtabad junction will start offering a pleasant sight with well-constructed footpaths, a permanent zebra crossing made of marble stone and a sitting area, which are all aimed at ensuring safety of pedestrians amid a beautify environ. And this will get translated within a fortnight.

The Khairtabad junction that is close to Metro station sees around one lakh pedestrians passing through the route every day, according to GHMC central zone commissioner Musharraf Ali Faruqui. He says, pedestrians will start using footpaths and zebra crossing, both of which can prevent road mishaps.

The junction will have 10 feet long footpaths stretching from the Metro station, and two sitting areas, which will be flanked by plants. A dedicated space is being made for crossing the road. Some parts of the footpath are made with percolation cement, so that water can seep inside it. The fencing will be duly painted. The Zebra crossing will be at exit ‘C’ of Khairtabad Metro Station.

Mr Faruqui said, “Instead of painting the zebra crossing, we have come up with a permanent zebra crossing. Although it costs thrice the amount it takes for painting, marble stones are worth the effort as they are one-time investment. Once this pilot project shows benefits, a similar zebra crossing will be replicated in other parts of the city.”

The construction of footpath will be completed by the month-end, he said while adding, “Before the completion itself, many people have started using the footpath. They are so designed that pedestrians will have to get down only to use the zebra crossing.”

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