Makers of ‘George Reddy’ visit his grave, recall the student leader

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  21 Nov 2019 1:44 PM GMT
Makers of ‘George Reddy’ visit his grave, recall the student leader

Hyderabad: Just a day before the release of one of Tollywood’s most anticipated movies ‘George Reddy’, the film’s unit decided to gather at George Reddy’s grave to pay their respect at Narayanguda on Thursday. The film is a biopic made on the revolutionary student leader from Osmania University.

On this occasion, the entire unit was emotional as they found George’s character inspirational enough to make the movie. They also said that they had lost many people like George Reddy. “This movie is made to let everyone know as to how and why we lost him. We had taken it as a challenge to bring out George Reddy’s character to the people. It is inspirational to see a 25-year-old become a student leader,” said Jeevan Reddy, the director of the biopic.

Born in Kerala, George completed his primary education in Bengaluru and then came to Hyderabad to finish his higher studies. The film will also highlight the man who learnt to love books, and why and how he started to love political campaigns.

An academic pursuing PhD in Physics from Osmania University, George has always followed Marxist and socialist philosophy. It was one of the main reasons that he was able to become a strong political leader in OU at the age of 25, reviving and encouraging many revolutionary leaders. The motive behind showing the life of George Reddy on the silver screen is to make his thought process and battle reach the generations.

The biopic will also explore the situations that influenced George Reddy in the University and how he grew up as a leader. Understanding the medium, director Jeevan Reddy relied on showing the story as close to reality as possible, exploring how a student with ideal philosophies fought for society.

“As I was learning about his life, I haven’t made any movie for the past five years. This movie will speak about his honesty, and everyone who watches it will get to know more about George Reddy’s character,” said Jeevan Reddy.

Despite the trailer featuring a few commercial elements, the talk in Tollywood is that George Reddy is as close to reality as possible.

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