Visakhapatnam: A man was arrested in Visakhapatnam on 10 February for producing fake complainants to close two cases against him.
The Two-town police of Vizag police commissionerate said Adari Ravi Kumar is facing trials against two cases in ADM court (III). To close these cases he, with the help of two other men at Lokadalat, came up with a plan on 8 February.

Ravi attached photos of his friends Sanapal Santosh from Hyderabad and Andraju Ravi Kumar with copies of Aadhaar of the actual complainants on the letter of compromise. The original complainants were Aditya and Siva Teja. Court officials, however, found a difference between the original signatures and the signature of the impersonators. When asked about the same, the three gor scared and escaped from the court hall.

The three accused were arrested on 10 February for conspiring against the court. The cops recorded their confession statements and seized a cellphone from them. They will be produced before the court. Adari Ravi has 11 cases booked against him in various police stations. A rowdy sheet is opened against him and maintained at the MVP police station.

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