NIMS introduces medical packages to provide quality service at low rates

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  21 Feb 2020 4:20 AM GMT
NIMS introduces medical packages to provide quality service at low rates

Hyderabad: Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), on 20 February, introduced health packages to provide quality medical care to the poor. It includes 12 types of health check-ups and the master package costs Rs. 2,800. Dr K. Manohar released the health check-up brochure. He said, "Our vision is to give a quality check-up to the poor. "

Medical examinations are very crucial to understand some unknown diseases. Twelve types of health check-up plans have been developed for this purpose. Earlier health packages had some check-ups which were less popular. Considering these experiences, NIMS has introduced exclusive packages this time.

The NIMS master health check-up consists of haemogram medical examinations and tests like HB, PCP, MCP, MHC, MCHC, TSC, DC, PLT, retic, SR and PS. CUE, serum urea, serum creatinine, FBS, PLBS, and HBA1C tests.

The diabetic health check-up, which costs Rs. 2,100, will include tests like haemogram, lipid profile, and liver tests, while the women wellness check-up, which costs Rs. 4,700, will include haemogram, lipid profile tests, TSH, ECG, CXR PA review, USG abdomen, and mammography tests.

Fever Profile, which costs Rs. 4,500, will include haemogram, liver function test, malaria strip, widal litrace test, dengue serology, wellplex/scrub types rapid ICT, and leptospira antibodies test. Anaemia test will cost Rs. 2,000 and includes haemogram iron studies, Vitamin B12, SDH, and bilirubin tests. The respiratory health check-up, for Rs. 1,500, will include haemogram, absolute count, pulmonary function test, and immunoglobulin examinations.

The bone and joint health plan costs Rs. 2,400 and includes calcium phosphorus, magnesium, Vitamin-D, uric acid, TSH, ESR, and consolation tests. Cardiac health check-up, priced at Rs. 3,800, will include haemogram, lipid profile, ECG, 2D Echo, CXR PA review, TMT examinations and consolation services.

Kidney health check-up, which costs Rs. 1,900, will include tests like serum urea, CUE, serum creatinine, serum calcium, serum uric acid, urine microalbumin, serum albumin (total), and consolation services. Cancer screening for males will cost Rs. 2,000 and include PSA, USG - abdomen, CXR PA review, serum creatinine, CBP, haemogram, and liver function tests. Cancer screening for females will cost Rs. 3,500 and include mammography, PSA, haemography, and liver function tests.

A total thyroid profile will cost Rs. 2,500 and include tests like T3, T4, TSH, anti-thyroid, anti-body, and HRUS neck examinations. A liver profile will cost Rs. 2,200 and include liver function tests, serum GGTV, HIV ELFA, HBSAG, HCV ELFA, and USG abdomen examinations.

An executive health check-up for males will cost Rs. 7,000 and include haemogram, lipid profile, and liver function test, while the female executive plan will cost Rs. 8,000.

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