Onion price: No more onion dosas in Andhra Pradesh

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  5 Dec 2019 5:03 AM GMT
Onion price: No more onion dosas in Andhra Pradesh

Visakhapatnam: As the price of onions breached the Rs 100 mark (per kilo), majority of small and medium restaurants in Andhra Pradesh have stopped providing onion dosa and onion chutney, or they cut down on its use in many dishes.

Bringing tears to their eyes, onion prices have shocked many hoteliers in Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada and a few other cities in Andhra Pradesh. They have now resorted to using cabbage as an alternative for some dishes.

The onion prices have been increasing in the state, and it touched Rs 100 mark, forcing hoteliers to look for alternatives. “Some restaurants have increased the price by over 10 per cent for dishes like onion dosa. Many cut down on onion usage due to its increased rate and shortage of availability. Some use cabbage as an alternative,” said T Satyanarayana, President of AP Hotel Association.

This increase in price has also markedly affected dining practices throughout the region. Hoteliers stopped providing onion raita and onion slices alongside biryani and other dishes. They now place a board outside their establishment saying ‘No onions please’.

D Sudhakar, a Vijayawada resident, said that dishes containing onion have either gone off the menu or become costlier in Vizag and Vijayawada. “It is difficult to find onion raita in the major biryani points in the state,” he added.

“Though onions are available at Rs 100 per kg, their availability and quality have gone down. We had no option but to stop some dishes like onion dosa, onion chutney, and a few others,” said P Kiran Kumar, an owner of a restaurant in Vizag.

Onion traders said that prices might touch Rs 120 per kg due to the considerable gap between demand and supply in Andhra Pradesh. “When we buy onion at Rs 90 per kg in the wholesale market, we are forced to sell them for at least Rs 110 per kg to cover labour costs, profit and also wastage,” they added.

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