Pahadi Shareef mutton seller, 13 members of family test COVID +Ve

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  26 May 2020 6:34 PM GMT
Pahadi Shareef  mutton seller, 13 members of family test COVID +Ve

Hyderabad: In yet another instance of an entire family becoming victims to COVID-19, a mutton trader and his 13-member family at Pahadi Shareef on the city outskirts, tested positive on Tuesday. Following the development, their residence and the surrounding locality near T Junction at Mamidipally X roads of Pahadi Shareef have been declared as a containment area and a sanitisation drive was also taken up immediately.

The mutton trader and his younger brother - who also owns a mutton shop in the area - their families and parents, have tested positive. Though the cause of the infection is yet to be found, it is suspected that they had contracted the virus from their close relatives in Jiyaguda, who visited them a week ago and stayed with them for three days, due to the COVID-19 scare. After they went back to their homes, they had tested positive. Later their primary contacts were identified. It was during the contact tracing when the mutton trader and his family were identified. They were asked to quarantine themselves at home since then.

Two days ago, the elder brother developed symptoms of the virus and approached for medical help. Along with him, samples from the whole family were collected. The results which came on Tuesday declared the entire 14-member family positive for COVID-19.

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