Police uncertain about motive behind IT firm owner's murder

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  3 Sep 2019 6:18 AM GMT
Police uncertain about motive behind IT firm owners murder

Hyderabad: The investigation into the murder of an IT firm owner, Satish Baby Mula at KPHB, is taking new twists everyday. Initial inquiries indicated disputes over financial issues with Satish's childhood friend turned business partner Hemanth which led to the murder. Satish's wife Prashanti has stressed on the extent of Hemanth's role in the murder.

But this does not seem to be the only motive. The case has taken a turn as police are now suspecting that Satish has been moving closely with another woman, who is a common friend of Satish and Hemanth. They believe that this relationship could be the reason behind the murder.

As police are yet to finalise their investigation, Satish's wife, Prashanti insists that it was financial disputes that led to her husband's murder and that Hemanth is the culprit. While suspecting other friends to have supported Hemanth in this act, Prashanti believes that the investigation is being diverted from financial aspects to relationship issues, to protect more people.

She demanded an extraction of Hemanth's call data records, which could provide authorities with vital clues. "Instead of probing into the financial aspects, the police is investigating the case from a relationship angle and diluting the case," she alleged.

"He was the sole breadwinner and the entire family was dependant on him. I urge police to investigate this in a fair manner and do justice to us," she said.

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