Hyderabad: The trailer of Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming film Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu, which released on Diwali, is going viral for all the right reason. It has raised many controversies alongside its release. This trailer of this political film hits hard the current politicians in Andhra Pradesh, though the director claims that the characters in the movie don’t resemble anyone in real life.

While the release is still loaded with the usual RGV flavour, the director released a song, featuring an actor who played KA Paul. The song is about the US-based evangelist, his political journey and character, in a sarcastic and humorous nature.

Sharing this song on his social media account, RGV wrote, “If JOKER is such a big hit in India, a biopic on K A PAUL will be bigger than BAHUBALI 3 .I heard @ssrajamouli is already in talks with K A PAUL in Washington D C..This K A PAUL only phoned me and told me (sic).”

The tweet went viral, and people were left in a confused state, not knowing whether what he said was genuine or fake. Here comes the reply that neither Ram Gopal Varma nor his fans expected. Much to the delight of fans, Rajamouli replied to RGV’s tweet and wrote, “Nannu involve cheyyakandi “RAJU” garu (sic).”

Swearing that KA Paul was the one who told him this news, RGV replied, “Sir Sir Sir I am not doing…K A Paul told me that u had lunch with him at TRUMP TOWER and u signed him for BAHUBALI 3 ..I swear this on K A PAUL. (sic)”

This witty banter between both directors thoroughly entertained their fans and social media users.

Bhavana Sharma

Bhavana Sharma covers entertainment and cinema for Newsmeter.
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