Satellite Images: Here is how world's largest meditation centre developed

By Dheeshma Puzhakkal  Published on  31 Jan 2020 5:48 AM GMT
Satellite Images: Here is how worlds largest meditation centre developed

Hyderabad: Satellite images from the year 2016- 2020 show how the world’s largest meditation hall Kanha Shanti Vanam grew over the years in Hyderabad. The image was captured by CopernicusEU satellite. From the image, one can witness the magnificent structure growing over 30 acres of land since the last four years. From a barren land in 2016, the world’s largest closed structure meditation centre ,that can easily match the grandeur of other popular global structures was constructed.

The meditation hall that belongs to the Heartfulness Institute was inaugurated on January 28, at the global headquarters of the Heartfulness Institute and the Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) in Hyderabad. The institute imparts training in Raja Yoga system of meditation.

Kanha Shanti Vanam is located 40 km away from Hyderabad. It has one central hall and eight secondary halls, making it the world’s largest closed meditation centre. The Kanha Shanti Vanam also has dormitories for people attending mentoring sessions on meditation. The self-sustained ecosystem also houses a mega kitchen which can feed 1 lakh people.

Apart from this, Ayush Medical Facility with 350-beds is under construction at the centre. As of now, 40,000 people are staying in Heartfulness. The Meditation Hall can accommodate up to 1.2 lakh practitioners at a time. The hall will be dedicated to Lalaji, the first guide of Heartfulness. A nursery of six lakh saplings and several lakh trees have also been planted over the last four years at the centre.

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