This is what celebrities are up to during #QuaranTimes

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  28 March 2020 4:11 AM GMT
This is what celebrities are up to during #QuaranTimes

Hyderabad: The Corona virus pandemic has forced everyone to stay indoors. This shut-in lifestyle may be hard to do for those who are used to being out and about. However, at this juncture, to ensure that the disease does not spread, staying in self-quarantine and practicing social distancing is of utmost importance.

Some of our celebrities have taken to social media to show how it is done by spending time indoors with their loved ones. We can surely draw inspiration from them on what to do during our mandatory isolation.

Its #selflove for Deepika Padukone

Our very own ‘mastani’ has been on a self-care spree since the quarantine. This Bollywood queen has been posting seasons and episodes of her ‘Productivity in the time of COVID-19’ since 15 March keeping her fans posted on how she is spending her time. While one day she gets busy with closet cleaning, on another she massages her skin to perfection with a roller. She urges her fans to have fruits and exercise regularly. Her stylish approach to clicking pictures keeps her fans engaged and wanting to know more.

A colourful quarantine for Jahnvi Kapoor

Jahnvi Kapoor, a heartthrob, just like her mom, is busy playing around with colours. Her ‘self-isolation productivity’ post was all about a happy and excited Jahnvi with paint all over her, proudly showing off her cutesy artwork. Apart from painting her Instagram stories have been about her spending time with her sister Khushi Kapoor, who came back home from New York for the quarantine. Well, there is no better time than now to rekindle our hobbies and spend time with loved ones.

Books and selfies for Alia Bhatt

Bored? Take a cue from our ‘Highway’ star on how to put this time to use. Alia Bhatt has been spending time reading books, taking selfies and flipping through old pictures, and of course, sharing the motion poster of her Telugu debut, RRR. There is no better time than now to read that book you have been meaning to read. Like Alia says, ‘Stay Home and finish a book. With humans hiding inside, the nature is healing and coming back to life. Go watch the clear sky and the beautiful sunset and make your bae take a picture of you.’ Alia’s favourite photographer, RK (assuming its Ranbir Kapoor) clicks the picture while Alia watches the sunset. Her recent post is a heartwarming photo of her father kissing her forehead, which has taken the Internet by storm. Alia captioned it as, “Stay home and go through old pictures when you’re missing your daddy.”

It’s gratitude time for Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty is now a proud mother of a cute little munchkin called Samisha Shetty Kundra, who just turned 40-days-old. In an emotional post, Shilpa explains how, according to Hindu culture, she was supposed to take her child out to a temple on the 40th day, but instead celebrated it indoors. She plans on posting about more things that she is grateful for. She says, things don’t go as per plan but there is so much one should be grateful for. All her fans are thrilled to see her gratitude. Shilpa’s fans are surely grateful for her entertaining Tiktok and fitness videos, and her very engaging presence on social media.

Katrina’s quirks

Katrina Kaif’s fans were in for a surprise when the superstar posted a picture of her washing dishes, a testament to how she is like everyone else now during these times of quarantine. Her post on how she discovered an easy way to wash dishes instead of the conventional way is cuter but her next post on sweeping the house took the trophy. Her caption, “Really makes you appreciate all the help you have at home,” struck a chord with each one of us. Her post was even shared Deepika Padukone. Well, it is oddly satisfying to know that Katrina Kaif is like one of us.

The nap squad of Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan has been posting pictures with her besties about how we should all get enough rest during this period as this luxury will not knock on our doors again. The picture collage of her squad – Karishma Kapoor, Amrita Arora, Malaika Arora napping has set friendship goals for everyone. “Friends that nap together, stay forever,” she says and we can’t help but hold a placard that reads, “True that Bebo!” Be it a cute childhood picture or her that said ‘I am craving for French…. Fries’, or the adorable pictures of Taimur and Saif Ali Khan bonding over bathing and gardening, Bebo has set social media on fire. The moral of the story is, “Live life Kareena Kapoor like.”

Also, thank you KKK for letting us know what Saif is up to. Royalty oozes from every frame where Saif is in his white kurta, his large frame specs, and books.

Mask time for Arjun Kapoor

Well, it is not just the women of Bollywood who are taking the self-love game to the next level, here comes Arjun Kapoor masking his way to glory. If you are wondering about the secret behind his glowing skin, Arjun reveals, it’s his face mask. The gif of him with the mask subtly shatters the whole stereotype that skincare is for women. Hey Arjun, hume bhi batha do, aapki alag sa mask ka raaz?

Not just that, Arjun Kapoor has even come up with a list of movies one can watch in the coming 21 days of lockdown. Well, in times like these, this post surely falls under the category of social service.

Social distancing ka Punchnama by Karthik Aryan

Karthik Aryan has been screaming social distancing as loud as possible with his Pyaar ka Punchnama style monologue. #CoronastopKarona video did rounds on the internet and was applauded by many for coming up with such a creative post. Well, it is also fair to say that he has been busy making people realise the importance of curfew and social distancing. His picture where he can be seen holding a plate and a spatula with a vessel on his head like a cap, during the (Modiji ko 5 baje taali bajao) went viral for committing the crime of stealing hearts.

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