Videos of TRS MLA ‘threatening’ bank officials go viral

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  26 July 2020 12:12 PM GMT
Videos of TRS MLA ‘threatening’ bank officials go viral

Hyderabad: Videos of Danam Nagender, the TRS MLA from Khairatabad, have surfaced in which the MLA was allegedly seen threatening officials of the Indian Overseas Bank when they went to take possession of a land on which the mortgage had not been paid. The video allegedly shows the MLA speaking rudely to the officials, while claiming irregularities in the transfer of the land to the person in the bank records. The bank officials have approached the police seeking protection for taking physical possession of the said land.

“You are not supposed to be here. This itself shows that malpractice has taken place. The government is going to purchase this property,” Nagender was heard telling the bank officials. He had also forced them to leave the place and threatened to call the police on them.

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According to the bank officials, land measuring around 2,500 square yards was mortgaged to the bank. But due to the non-payment of loan installments, the asset became an NPA (Non-performing Asset). As a result, the bank opted for an open auction and Nobel Realtor represented by MA Nayeem Pasha won the bid.

Due to the road widening works, there arose a difference between the size of the land on the documents and its actual measurement and the same was mentioned by the bank in the auction notice. The land measuring 1,538 square yards was in the name of M/S Progressive Engineering Company represented by B Lameswara Rao, vide a sale deed executed in the year 1981.

After the auction, the sale confirmation was issued to Nayeem Pasha. However, it was found that some locals had occupied that place without any authorisation, and though a notice was served to them they refused to vacate and handover the possession of the property to Nayeem Pasha.

Hence, the bank officials in their letter to the police requested protection while they take possession of the property and hand it over to Nayeem Pasha.

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