Winter set for early departure from Telangana

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  30 Jan 2020 5:04 AM GMT
Winter set for early departure from Telangana

Hyderabad: The chill in the air is gone in most parts of Telangana, with the maximum temperature hovering around 31 degrees Celsius. This is a sign that the winter has ended, according to the Telangana State Development Authority.

The winter in the state mostly ends by mid-February. However, due to certain changes in weather conditions, it has ceased much earlier.

Mahesh Palwat of private weather forecaster Skymet says, "Due to anti-cyclone formation in the Bay of Bengal, Telangana is getting south-easterly winds, but it should be getting north-easterly winds. This has led to a rise in temperature. The temperature will decrease by 1 or 2 degrees celsius in two to three days, but will again be the same. Hence, we can say the winter is almost over in Telangana."

Parthasarthy, a weather expert, explained, "As the south-easterly winds are coming from the sea, they are usually warmer. For the winter to prolong, winds should come from the north, that is from the Himalayas. As there is a disturbance, the winds are not reaching the southern states. Hence it has become warmer."

The northern winds were also disturbed by moderate rains, leading to the rise in the temperature.

While it had been predicted earlier that the winter would be warmer this year, Adilabad district saw mercury dropping to 7 degrees Celsius, making it the coldest place in the state this time.

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