Hyderabad: Telangana State President, Bandi Sanjay, came down heavily on Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao for playing cheap politics to appease voters of a particular community. He demanded that KCR should admit that the Central government had helped Telangana State develop and that he should swear an oath at the Bhagya Laxmi temple at Charminar if otherwise. "KCR is scared that if he comes to the temple, he would lose his Muslim friends and their votes. I request him to at least make a phone call and tell the truth," said Sanjay.

Sanjay on Thursday had challenged the CM to swear an oath at the temple about the contents of a fake letter that was being circulated in Sanjay's name and also about the financial assistance KCR had received from the Centre to Telangana State. On Friday, Sanjay went to the Bhagya Laxmi temple and performed special pujas.

Later, speaking with the media, Sanjay alleged that the TRS government had been playing with the sentiments and sufferings of people during the elections. "The CM forged my signature and wrote a letter to the Election Commission of India, demanding to stop the flood relief distribution in Hyderabad. This is how low he has sunk. This is nothing but a poll gimmick where he is lying to the public. They want to win the election by hook or crook by spreading false propaganda," Sanjay alleged.

He added that people of Hyderabad are not in a situation to believe the TRS and its false claims about the so-called development in the state. "TRS is confident of winning seats in the Old City with help from its friend, the AIMIM. And, to win seats in the other parts of the city, they are resorting to cheap politics and spreading fake news by blaming the BJP of writing to the EC to stop the flood relief," Sanjay said.

In the end, he once again clarified that the letter that was being circulated in his name was nothing but fake and that he had already lodged a complaint with the police about it.

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