Hyderabad: Slamming TRS party and Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao, BJP Telangana president Bandi Sanjay Kumar, on 19 November, said fearing BJP's win in the upcoming GHMC elections, KCR had asked his stooges to create a fake letter addressed to the State Election Commission.

"The fake letter addressed to the State Election Commission in my name demanding the flood relief be halted, which was widely circulated on social media, shows how the CM and his party is worried about the elections," he said.

Sanjay had already lodged a complaint with the cybercrime wing of the Hyderabad city police seeking action on the fake letter that is circulating on social media. "It is so shameful for a CM to stoop to such a level and create a fake letter in the name of the state president of a national party," the BJP leader alleged.

He further said that KCR in an attempt to stay on good terms with his friend Asaduddin Owaisi and gain political benefits is making derogatory comments about the Indian Army and their efforts in protecting the nation and its borders. "I want to ask KCR if he is with India or the enemy countries like Pakistan and China on the issue of national security," Sanjay asked.

The GHMC elections is another opportunity to expose the corrupt rule of the TRS party and its Chief Minister, he said, adding that many youngsters are buying and riding motorbikes to earn a livelihood but the state government is harassing all those people by imposing heavy challans. "If the BJP comes to power in the GHMC elections, we will waive off all those challans and make the GHMC pay the fines," promised Sanjay.

He also promised to pay Rs. 20,000 to each family affected by the recent floods if his party wins the elections and a BJP candidate becomes the Mayor. "We will assess each case and provide relief on the basis of the loss incurred by each family," he said.

He also questioned KCR's silence regarding the 30 crore Hindus in Telangana while raising concerns about Muslims across the country. Responding to KCR's comments that there are no communal clashes in the city, Sanjay asked KCR to show any such incidents in the country in the past.

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