14 Indus International School’s students summit Mt Kinabalu

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  1 Oct 2019 4:08 PM GMT
14 Indus International School’s students summit Mt Kinabalu

Hyderabad: 14 students from Indus International School summited Mt Kinabalu. The students from class VIII to X were accompanied by a parent, two trainers and expedition leader on their journey.

The expedition started from Kota Kinabalu and moved to various stations such as Timpohon Gate, Panalaban, and finally to the peak. The highest peak of Malaysia, Mt Kinabalu is also the 20th most prominent mountain and as such poses a significant challenge to climbers.

The students prepared themselves physically and mentally by running long distances and squats for months before proceeding with the expedition.

Leadership Trainer Capt Mohit Tomar said, “Mountaineering is a journey to within. By engaging in such audacious and courageous endeavours, students will develop a high level of mental toughness, emotional stability, physical endurance and spiritual resilience. These will enable them to deal with problems of different shapes and sizes in their life.” He started the initiative, Peak to Lead, to foster leadership and excellence among students.

“We had to draw deep into our physical and mental reserves to achieve it. And we did it. For all of us, it was a demonstration of what we can achieve with preparation, effort and will. We pushed our boundaries and set a new benchmark,” said Etienne Vincent Jacques Huret (Parent).

Kinabalu 2

“The adventure in the mountains helped us see a different self. The real learning happened after I reflected on the ultimate experience of climbing Mt Kinabalu. Now, I have seen a more disciplined and positive person in me,” recounted Agustya Singh, a class IX student, Indus International School Bengaluru.

Indus International School now aims for higher peaks such as Seven Summits of each of the seven continent and fourteen peaks above 8,000m.

“It is said that when you conquer the mountains, you conquer yourself, and rightly so. All the students have returned with rich experience in understanding their strengths and challenges. What better way is there to identify oneself in time of stress and fatigue. When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” expressed Col Sathya Rao (Retd), Director of Indus School of Leadership.

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