Mumbai : Maharashtra BJP may deny tickets to 15-20% MLAs in the upcoming assembly elections. The BJP had already indicated that several non-performers and controversial MLAs who have caused embarrassment to the party and the government will likely to be dropped this election season. It seems like the BJP is following the same strategy that they had applied in the 2019 Lok Sabha election by not giving tickets to seven sitting MPs out of the total 23 MPs it had in the state.

The BJP is likely to drop 15-20% of its 122 MLAs in Maharashtra while distributing tickets for the upcoming assembly elections. Sources say that the work is already in the process of segregation of candidates. Many new faces will be introduced and many top leaders, who have recently joined the camp will be given tickets.  

Recently, many top leaders from Congress and NCP had joined BJP and they have been promised tickets from various seats which has led the BJP to look at the selection of candidates closely. The BJP will also have to exchange many seats from its ally, Shiv Sena for the same.

Party sources also say that several non-performers and controversial MLAs including ministers and former ministers who have embarrassed the party and the government are likely to be shown the door. Some of those who are on the list were recently shunted out in the cabinet reshuffle by CM Devendra Fadnavis. Few of them will not be getting the ticket from the party also.

The Saffron party is in no mood to spare anyone who has dented the party’s image. With just over a month left for the Maharashtra assembly polls, the party is also trying to finalise the seat-sharing pact with its ally, Shiv Sena. The party may have to face some tough times in keeping the peace between the warring factions of many leaders who have recently joined the party and the party loyalist

Abhishek Pandey

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