15 Hyderabadi students stranded in Milan

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  11 March 2020 5:54 PM GMT
15 Hyderabadi students stranded in Milan

Hyderabad:Around 15 students from Hyderabad studying in Italy are stuck in Milan. The students, along with 35 other Indians, were prevented from boarding an Air India flight on 11 March after they failed to provide a certificate stating they were not affected by COVID-19.

Umadevi Madireddy, one of those stranded in Milan, said, "Most of us are homeless. I vacated my house to go back to India and now my house owner is not taking us back thinking that we have Corona virus."

Air India has scheduled another flight on Saturday for those stranded but the students will still have to produce a certificate. Uma said, "It is impossible for us to provide a certificate in two days. The doctors here are busy treating Italian patients."

The students are from the University of Milan, Polytechnic Institute of Milan, and IAAD.

Donta Tejashree said, "We fear if we will be evacuated on Saturday. Italy is declaring a red zone area and once the area is declared a red zone, people cannot get out of the area. If that happens we will be stuck here forever."

The students complained that they approached the Indian embassy and other government officials but no one has responded. Tejashree said, "We just want a doctor to do a check-up and certify that we are not affected by Corona virus."

The students said they want to come back to India and are ready to be quarantined here.

Coronavirus declared as pandemic

Due to the increasing number of cases The World Health Organization, declared COVI-19 as pandemic. Meanwhile in Italy alone 631 deaths while the global death toll has reached 4000.

The Union Health and Family Welfare ministry has declared that, all India visas, (except diplomats, UN, work) suspended till April 15 and will be effective from March 13. All incoming travelers, including Indians, arriving from or have visited China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, France, Spain & Germany after Feb 15 to be quarantined minimum 14 days, added the ministry.

Apart from Italy in Rome also many Telugu people. The people stranded in Rome were also asked to produce a medical certificate as a proof that they are not infected with coronavirus. It is to be noted the stranded are unaware and the embassy is also clueless on were to get these certificates.

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