153 medicos in Telangana are COVID positive, none serious

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  8 Jun 2020 6:31 PM GMT
153 medicos in Telangana are COVID positive, none serious

Hyderabad: Over 153 medical staffers including doctors, interns in Telangana has been infected with COVID-19. The state reported 92 new COVID cases and 5 deaths in the last 24 hours. With this, the death toll in the state climbs to 142 and total cases 3294 positive cases (minus the discharged/cured patients). While, 392 patients were discharged on Monday.

Telangana Chief Minister, K ChandraShekar Rao on Monday held a review meeting on the measures to be taken to curtail the spread of the virus. Speaking on Medical staff being infected, he said, "According to the ICMR estimates 10,000 medical staff are infected with COVID-19in the country. In the US 68,000, In UK 15 per cent of those transmitted Virus are medical staff. Similarly, in the Telangana, so far 153 medical staff are infected. But none of them were in serious condition".

Speaking on the spike in number of COVID deaths, an official communication from the CMO said, "About 95 per cent of the COVID deaths are due to other reasons. Many suffered from Kidney failure , liver, heart, Respiratory diseases, cancer patients, patients with high blood pressures, diabetics and other diseases, died. Since they have tested positive for Corona, they were accounted for as deaths due to Corona. This is the most unscientific way of awareness" the statement said.

The government of Telangana made it clear on June 8th, that, it is impossible to conduct COVID test on the dead and may moved the Supreme Court.

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