19th batch of canine, canine handlers complete training at IITA Moinabad

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  15 Feb 2020 3:56 AM GMT
19th batch of canine, canine handlers complete training at IITA Moinabad

Hyderabad: The 19th batch of basic canine and canine handlers course concluded on 14 February at the CTC, IITA, in Moinabad as trainees from Telangana, COSF, RGIA, Hyderabad, and CISF, KIA, Bangalore completed their passing-out parade. The course had started on 18 June 2019.

Present at the event were Naveen Chand, IPS, IGP, intelligence, Telangana, M.K. Singh, I GP/OSD, intelligence security wing, Telangana, and C.V. Anand, ADGP, CISF.

Mr Chand said, " It has been 16 years since this started and over 885 dogs have been specially trained. This training centre at Moinabad is one of the best in India." He said these dogs have solved some of the biggest cases in the state which is worth appreciating.

M.K Singh, IGP/OSD, said, "Canines play a vital role in preventing sabotage. They sniff out explosives, go to dangerous places, and take care of the VIPs. They have also helped the police maintain peace and order. Canines, not only from Telangana but from other states, participated in this course. Twenty canines from Bihar have been taught to smell illicit liquor. The Bihar police have requested that 25 more canines be taught the same. "

The dignitaries also witnessed the passing-out parade and were impressed by the stunts performed by the canines. They were also impressed by how the canines refused any type of food given by others and only accepted food from their trainers. They also praised the ability of a canine to discover explosives by sniffing out a box of explosives from many boxes, helping the blind cross roads, catching terrorists, walking a rope, jumping through fire and water. The canines and their trainers received certificates and medals for their impressive show.

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