2.19 lakh cases pending in Telangana HC, over 45 lakh in the country

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  6 Feb 2020 3:50 AM GMT
2.19 lakh cases pending in Telangana HC, over 45 lakh in the country

Hyderabad: The world's largest democracy, India, has over 45 lakh cases pending in various High Courts courts all over the country. In an answer to a question in the Lok Sabha, minister of law and justice, communications and electronics & information technology, Ravi Shankar Prasad, said according to the latest data available on the Supreme Court's website 59,859 cases are pending in the country's apex court as of 2 January 2020.

Meanwhile, the National Judicial Data grid (NJDG) reported a total of 3.19 crore cases pending in various district and subordinate courts as of 29 January 2020.

In Telangana 2.45 lakh civil cases are still pending in district and subordinate courts, while the number of pending criminal cases stands at 3.20 lakh. In total, the total number of pending cases in the district and subordinate courts of Telangana stands at 5.64 lakh. NJDJ data also revealed that 45.81 lakh cases are pending in various high courts of the country. Of these, 84,687 civil cases and 30,769 criminal cases are pending in Telangana High Courts. The total number of pending writs in High Courts all over the country was 13.6 lakh, of which 1.04 lakh are pending in Telangana. In total, the number of pending cases in Telangana High Court are 2.19 lakh.

Reasons for delay in disposing of the cases in courts include unavailability of an adequate number of judges, supporting court staff and physical infrastructure, the complexity of facts involved, nature of evidence, the cooperation of stakeholders i.e. bar, investigation agencies, witnesses, and litigants, and proper application of rules and procedures.

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