Hyderabad: Three migrant workers were killed and six others injured in an accident at Sirpur Paper Mills (SPM) in Sirpur Khagaznagar in Kumrambheem, Asifabad district, on the night of 22 February. The mishap occurred when a machine fell and crushed them while they were working on a new boiler plant.

The deceased were identified as Raghunath Ram, Chotu Baniya, and Ranjith, all residents of Jharkhand. Five of the six injured were identified as Ravidas, Santosh Ram, Phanikhan Ram, Ram Pranith, and Sanjay Ram.

The incident, which comes within a year of the SPM becoming fully-operational after it was reopened by the state government, has raised some safety concerns. The boiler commissioning work was done in the night and nine workers were deployed for the job. The boiler equipment fell on the workers while the work was on in full swing. Since the machine was surrounded by a heap of loose mud, both the machine and the loose mud fell on top of the workers and buried them, killing three workers on the spot.

Heavy earth-moving machines were deployed to remove the bodies of the workers. The injured were admitted to the nearby Mancherial district hospital. They are said to be out of danger. SPM officials have informed the families of the victims and also announced that they will be awarded a suitable compensation. A detailed inquiry has been ordered into the incident.

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