356 people missing in Telangana since Janata Curfew

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  5 April 2020 3:27 PM GMT
356 people missing in Telangana since Janata Curfew

Hyderabad: In Telangana, 356 people have been missing since the Janata Curfew was imposed on 22 March. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced a nationwide lockdown for 21 days immediately after the curfew.

At present, the state has imposed a curfew from 7 p.m till 6 a.m every day. The police have been deployed to monitor the streets to ensure that the curfew is not violated. All lodges and hotels have been shut down. Under these situations, the fact that so many have gone missing raises some questions.

Amid the lockdown, the non-availability of alcohol has become one of the main reasons why people go missing. All liquor stores in the state have been shut down following the lockdown due to which there have been reports of several suffering from alcohol withdrawal. People are leaving their houses in search of alcohol and not returning. The non-availability of alcohol has also led many addicts to commit suicides.

In Telangana, 25 people went missing on 22 March, 37 on 23 March, 23 on 24 March, 11 on 25 March, 24 on 26 March, 29 on 27 March, 22 on 28 March, 33 on 29 March, 44 on 30 March, and 50 on 31 March. Also, 42 people went missing on 1 April and 16 on 2 April, bringing the total number of missing people during the lockdown to 356.

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