Hyderabad: The state government has ben using various sanitisation techniques to prevent the spread of Corona virus in Telangana. Recently, a 3V Safe Tunnel, that can destroy virus particles from 1.5 to 20 microns, was installed at the state DGP’s office in Hyderabad to combat COVID-19.

S3V Vascular Technologies Private limited, the makers of the safe tunnel, said a person who goes through the tunnel will be disinfected in 20 seconds. The tunnel uses a water-soluble polymer and iodine to kill the virus. This solution has also proved effective against SARS, MERS, and Ebola. It is the first time that a 3V Safe Tunnel has been set up in the state, S3V Vascular Technologies said.

Meanwhile, Chief whip G. Govardhan installed a cleansing chamber near the Kamareddy Rythu bazaar on Saturday. Sodium hypochlorite will be sprayed on the hands of people passing through this chamber. A vegetable market in Tamil Nadu was the first to install such a chamber. It proved a success there, after which one was set up at the Kamareddy Rythu bazaar.
DGP Mahender Reddy, speaking about the protective equipment being provided to the police, said, “The police play a crucial role in preventing people from getting infected. Protective equipment is being arranged for them. I urge everyone to maintain the discipline they have been following now till the lockdown is over.”

On Saturday, he also spoke to his fellow police officers via teleconference from the state police headquarters. Around 3,000 officers, SIs to higher-ranking personnel, attended. Mr Reddy asked commissioners and SIs to provide masks and sanitisers to on-duty officers.

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