50,000 Ola, Uber cabbies to go an indefinite strike

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  17 Oct 2019 12:10 PM GMT
50,000 Ola, Uber cabbies to go an indefinite strike

Hyderabad: As many as 50,000 Ola, Uber and I.T. companies cab drivers will go on an indefinite strike on October 19, 2019. The announcement was made by the Telangana State Taxi and Drivers JAC Associations (TSTDJAC) on Thursday.

The decision has been taken by the taxi drivers JAC to support their six demands, that they put across to the transport ministry and the Uber, Ola and I.T. sector companies on August 8, 2019.

The taxi drivers plan to refrain from work and will switch off their phones to mark their protest, demanding that the transport ministry fulfil their demands. The taxi drivers association have also invited other Uber and Ola driver-partners to participate in the strike and to refrain from working on these platforms and for at least one day on October 19, 2019.

The decision was taken after conducting a ballot on October 16, 2019, in which 75 per cent of the taxi drivers supported the strike. Among the demands, one of the main demands of the taxi associations is to pay them Rs 22 per km. Many of them alleged that they are being exploited by cab aggregators as they are being paid maximum Rs 14 per km even during a price surge.

They also demand that taxi drivers welfare and administration board be established, which could work for the drivers' safety, and security, take care of the driver incomes, health and welfare.

Mr Shaik Salauddin, the chairman of the Telangana State Taxi and Drivers JAC (TSTD JAC), told Newsmeter, "Ola, Uber cabs and other taxi aggregators should ensure better-living conditions and work standards for the drivers by paying a minimum fare of Rs 22 per km. Cab aggregators charge upto Rs 36 from the customers during price surge but pay us only upto Rs 14 despite a G.O. by the government to pay Rs 17 per km. The govt should ensure implementation of G.O.Ms.no.61 and 66 for drivers attached to I.T. companies."

He further adds, "They should keep a tab on the number of cabs attached to aggregator marketplaces in order to ensure a minimum business guarantee to all drivers. The cab aggregators should ensure KYC approval of customers to tackle cases of assaults on drivers.

They should also reinstate off boarded drivers. We have already given strike notices to Ola, Uber and I.T. companies to inform them about our strike. If none respond to our demands, we will extend our strike further based on their response."

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