80-year-old man sexually assaults young woman, boyfriend records video

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  9 May 2020 4:53 PM GMT
80-year-old man sexually assaults young woman, boyfriend records video

Hyderabad: Even during the lockdown, perverts seem to be on the prowl. In one such incident in Banjara Hills of Hyderabad, an octogenarian Mohammed Saleemuddin sexually assaulted a young woman, along with her boyfriend’s help. The 80-year-old man had allegedly trapped the young woman under the pretext of giving shelter to her and her boyfriend during the lockdown, and later taken advantage of the situation.

Shockingly, her boyfriend not only helped Saleemuddin in sedating her, but also filmed the entire assault on a mobile phone. According to police, Saleemuddin already has two wives and is known to be a womaniser.

Later, Saleeumuddin apologized to the girl saying that he had done it by mistake later. He also dissuaded her from going to the police. Further, in order to stop her from approaching the authorities, he lodged a complaint saying that she had stolen his Rolex watch. The victim who got to know of the complaint on theft, approached City police commissioner Anjani Kumar and explained the issue to him.

According to police, the victim belongs to the Old city fell in love with the young man, who became her boyfriend. But as they did not get consent for their marriage at home, they left home and decided to get married on their own. However, their financial situation did not allow them to go ahead with their wedding plans. The girl remembered Saleemuddin who was her distant relative and approached him for help. Saleemuddin immediately welcomed them home and assured them that they would get all the help for getting married. He further asked them to take temporary shelter at his place, since the marriage cannot happen during the lockdown. The couple agreed and stayed in his home.

Around a week ago, the couple and Saleemuddin consumed alcohol at home, after which the woman fell unconscious. When she gained consciousness, she realised that she was sexually assaulted and found that Saleemuddin was the accused. She also got to know that Saleemuddin made her boyfriend mix sedatives in her drink and that he had recorded the act while Saleemuddin sexually assaulted her. When she decided to go to the police, Saleemuddin begged her apology and dissuaded her from going to the police. However sensing that she may go to police anytime, he approached police himself and complained that his Rolex watch was stolen.

Knowing about this, the woman escaped from home and approached the police commissioner. After hearing her, he sent her to Bharosa counselling centre. She was later sent for medical examination and a case has been registered against Saleemuddin and her boyfriend at Banjara Hills.

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