Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal is likely to storm back  in  power for the third consecutive term, if the exit polls for Delhi elections come to pass.

A majority of the election watch bodies, analyzing the Delhi elections have predicted a majority for  AAP while leaving its arch rival , the  ruling BJP highly disappointed. The captial city Delhi recorded a voting percent of 55 % , relatively less than the 67 % recorded in the previous year.



  1. The Polstrat-News : 53-73 seats for AAP, 11-17 for the BJP ,  0-2 seats for the Congress.
  2. The Jan Ki Baat-Republic TV exit polls: 48-61 seats for AAP, 9-21 for BJP, 0-1 for Congress
  1. The Ipsos-Times Now exit polls:  44 seats for Aam Aadmi Party,  26 for the BJP.
  1. C-Voter ABP News exit poll : 49 to 63 to AAP, 5 to 19 seats to BJP .
  1. India News-Neta : 53-57 for AAP, 11-17 for BJP, 02 for others
  1. Republic TV – Jan Ki Baat : 48-61- for AAP, 9-21 for BJP, 02 for Others


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