Abandoned by kids, 80YO former soldier with COVID-like symptoms left to fend for himself

By Sumit Jha  Published on  4 July 2020 7:35 AM GMT
Abandoned by kids, 80YO former soldier with COVID-like symptoms left to fend for himself

An 80-year-old ex-serviceman having COVID like symptoms was left to fend for himself as neither his children nor GHMC responded to his SOS call at Hyderabad.

Identified as Chenniah Goud of Rethibowli area, he was suffering from fever, cough, cold, and body ache. His neighbor G German Reddy tried to contact GHMC through 104 and 108 service and informed his son and daughter, but no one responded.

"In spite of informing his son and sub-inspector of Lunger house Police station there was no response," said G German Reddy.

This is not the isolated case of COVID apartheid in Hyderabad. Many cases of discrimination with the people suffering from COVID symptoms have surfaced in the city.

After the death of his wife, Chenniah Goud started living alone in his flat. His son and daughter reside separately in Hyderabad.

"I used to see only his maid visiting his house. Rarely someone visited him. We have contacted his son and daughter, both have refused to come," said G German Reddy.

G German Reddy finally filed a complaint in Telangana Human Rights Commission urging it to direct the concerned authority to take immediate care of Chenniah Goud and admit him to the hospital. He also demanded the Commission to ask his son to look after his father.

After perusing the complaint, the Commission directed the Station House Officer of Lunger house police station to shift Chenniah Goud to Gandhi Hospital or Chest Hospital for proper treatment.

"The station House shall inform the son of Chenniah Goud about the admission to the hospital with a word to take care of his father," the Commission said in its statement.

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