Accused in 250 cases and convicted in over 200, Mantri Shankar arrested

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  11 Sep 2019 7:33 AM GMT
Accused in 250 cases and convicted in over 200, Mantri Shankar arrested

Hyderabad: A notorious offender who was involved in 250 theft cases since 1979 and convicted in more than 200 cases along with his associate were arrested by police at Karkhana in the city on Tuesday. Mantri Shankar alias Shivanna(59) and K Dinakar were involved in three theft cases and three attempts to theft cases, registered in different parts of the city during 2019. 10 Tolas of gold ornaments, vehicles used for committing thefts and tools were recovered from them, said, police officials. Mantri Shankar was earlier detained under the PD Act also.

Shankar whose criminal records dates back to 1979, was first involved in an attempt to murder case at Chilkalguda in the city, where he attacked a person who was quarrelling with his mother. After a month, he came out on bail and started committing thefts of bicycles, wristwatches and other articles and became a full-time offender. He then worked as an auto driver, but due to insufficient earnings, he started committing theft again. So far, he has committed about 250 theft cases in the three Commissionerate spread across the city and was convicted in 209 of those. He was sent to jail on more than 20 occasions. Every time he was arrested, he used to get bail within 2 or 3 months. He was also detained under the PD Act thrice. In four cases, he was sentenced to imprisonment for more than a year.

Shankar usually commits the offences alone, but whenever required, he had assistance from others. He breaks open the lock with a rod and screwdriver and also carries torch lights, which were recovered from his possession during the arrest. He is also known for wearing modern attire while going to commit an offence, to give an impression to the onlookers that he is a gentleman. After the offence, he spends the loot lavishly and also helps his assistant financially in addition to sharing the loot with them. An only son to his parents, Shankar was married four times and has eight children, but none of them lives with him.

Dinakar was also involved in an attempt to murder case and in other pickpocketing cases in the past. He has a Rowdy Sheet against him at the Gandhi Nagar police station and has a criminal history with more than 12 cases in various police stations in Hyderabad city.

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