Accused raped Vet doctor when she slipped into 'unconsciousness'

By Coreena Suares  Published on  30 Nov 2019 4:22 PM GMT
Accused raped Vet doctor when she slipped into unconsciousness

Hyderabad: A shocking revelation unfolded in the gang-rape of veterinary doctor Disha (name changed). One of the accused Jollu Shiva raped the 26-year-old when she slipped into unconsciousness, an investigating officer told NewsMeter. However, police ruled out speculations that she was raped after her death.

Jollu Shiva pretended to get Disha bike repaired and left, but by the time he reached the crime scene (an open plot) the trio had forced her to consume alcohol while they took turns and raped her. When Shiva committed the crime, the victim slipped into unconsciousness, police said.

Probe into the gang-rape revealed that the victim was forced to consume whiskey mixed with a soft drink. Minutes before she was forced to drink, the rapists hit her with a blunt object on the head, as she attempted to resist. This left a deep injury on the occipital region.

Disha fell prey to the rapists when she was spotted parking her two-wheeler at Tondupalli toll plaza. The four accused purchased alcohol from a wine shop located next to the toll plaza. They hatched a plan over a full bottle of Imperial Blue whiskey mixed with a soft drink. But, they left half of the content to make Disha drink.

Meanwhile, accused (3) Jollu Naveen removed air from the rear tyre, before the vet doctor returned to the toll plaza at around 9.18pm. While she spoke, Areef got down from his lorry and approached her for help. Cleaner Shiva (accused 3) took the Vet doctor’s bike and pretended to repair it. Disha innocently agreed and fell into the trap. She was dragged into an open plot, raped and murdered.

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