Actress leaves Twitter after her birthday wishes for Pawan goes wrong

By Priyanka Kanoj  Published on  5 Sep 2019 6:10 AM GMT
Actress leaves Twitter after her birthday wishes for Pawan goes wrong

Hyderabad: Pawan Kalyan's 48th birthday was celebrated on a grand scale on 2nd September. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter were filled with messages and trends wishing the power star on his birthday.

Several actors and other celebrities from the film fraternity wished Pawan Kalyan on their social media pages respectively. Actress Nikesha Patel who shared a screen presence alongside Pawan Kalyan in his movie Komaram Puli took to her twitter to wish him.

Though the intention behind her wish was genuine, the wrong hashtag used has triggered huge negativity against Nikesha Patel. Nikesha Patel who tried to convey her wishes to Pawan Kalyan accidentally used a wrong hashtag, which was created by Pawan's nonadmirers to break the chain of his birthday trend on Twitter.

After a few tweets mentioned her and tried to convey that she had been used the wrong hashtag, Nikesha quickly realized her mistake and reposted her wishes with the right tags. She also wrote, "hope I got the tags right this time! Social media gets too complicated. Don't know how you all keep up with it. (sic)"

But even after reposting her wishes, Nikesha had forgotten to delete the tweet with the wrong and misleading hashtag. This triggered a few fans who were targeting her, after which she deleted it. In the whole scenario, it can be clearly understood that Nikesha had no intention to involve herself in any issue, despite her ignorance about the negative trends against Pawan Kalyan on his birthday.

Later in the day, Nikesha Patel had deactivated her Twitter account, as she felt it was too much of negativity for her to deal with at the moment.

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