'Agar Body Fit toh Mind Hit’ says PM Modi, launches ‘Fit India Campaign’ on National sports day today

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  29 Aug 2019 7:59 AM GMT
Agar Body Fit toh Mind Hit’ says PM Modi, launches ‘Fit India Campaign’ on National sports day today

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National campaign for fitness, the ‘Fit India Campaign’, at Indira Gandhi Stadium in New Delhi earlier today. He launched the campaign on the occasion of National Sports day.

PM Modi launched the campaign and addressed the nation on National Sports Day, which also marks the birth anniversary of legendary hockey player Major Dhyan Chand, a three-time Olympic gold winner. He said he was amazed by Dhyan Chand’s fitness and hockey stick. He noted that the Fit India movement is an initiative towards a healthy India. He also congratulated the ministry of sports for organizing the campaign. "The performers and the organizers have done a fantastic job," he said.

He continued to say, "Today is for all the sportsmen of the country. The medal that they get is not only the result of their hard work but the nation’s spirit towards the sport. Sports is directly related to fitness. Fitness is not just a word; it is essential for a healthy and prosperous life. We must make fitness a part of our daily routine."

He then addressed the development of technology, which has led to a decrease in physical activity. He said, "With the development of technology, physical activity has been decreased. We take the help of technology to see how many steps we have walked."

He then spoke about diseases such as diabetes and hypertension and how they have now become a lifestyle disorder. "Lifestyle disease is due to a lifestyle disorder. We need to change our lifestyle to be fit. This is not a campaign. This is a movement," he said.

He provided his listeners with examples of initiatives taken by other countries like China, Australia, Britain, America, Germany, who have focused on fitness as a nation.

He pointed out that although it is the government who has started this initiative, it is the people who should take it forward. "This initiative has zero investment and unlimited return," he added.

PM Modi then requested that all state governments make sure that this movement reaches every rural school and college in order to make our nation a fit nation. "We need to make each and every person dedicate some time for fitness," said prime minister Modi as he ended his speech.

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