Hyderabad: On Friday, a few WhatsApp forwards related to the examination date of AIIMS Nursing Officer Recruitment Common Eligibility Test (#NORCET) 2020 claimed that the exam was postponed.


Fact Check:

NORCET Exam 2020 postponed is TRUE.

One WhatsApp forward claimed that the notification was released on August 28, 2020, but then claimed that the exam was postponed and rescheduled to August 16, 2020. How is that even possible? Can anyone go to the previous date which has already passed?

PIB Fact Check debunked the image and claimed that the exam was scheduled on September 1, 2020. Even this is not correct because the exam was not scheduled on that date.

On August 29, PIB Fact Check tweeted: “Update: As per the latest update, the examination date of AIIMS Nursing Officer Recruitment Common Eligibility Test (#NORCET) 2020 has been postponed to 08.09.2020. Visit https://aiimsexams.org for the latest updates”.

Another WhatsApp forward with notification date August 28, 2020, claims that the exam is rescheduled to September 8, 2020.

NewsMeter searched with the keywords AIIMS exam postponed and visited the official website of AIIMS EXAM. We found that the exam has been rescheduled to September 8, 2020.

According to AIIMS, the exam was postponed to facilitate the allocation of exam centers as per the choice of the candidates, to the maximum extent possible.

The Admit Card with new timing and venue shall be uploaded soon for download.

Hence, the claim is TRUE.

This fact check has been published as part of the Internews Information Saves Lives: Rapid Response Fund project to NewsMeter

Mounika Dasari

Mounika Dasari is currently working as a Freelance Fact checker at Newsmeter. She was also an independent contractor at Appen. She has previously worked with Manshuk Securities and Finance as a Derivative Trainee in Delhi. She has work experience of 18 months with Geojit Financial Services as an Equity Dealer in Hyderabad. She has certifications of NISM series V, NISM Series VII, and NISM Series VIII. Alumni from IILM Graduate School of Management in Finance, U.P. Alumni from FH-Dortmund University of applied science and arts in Managing Diverse Markets, Germany. Mounika loves to travel and has been to countries like Germany, Netherlands, Italy, and Switzerland.

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