Ajith's honest remake Nerkonda Paarvai satisfies his fans?

By Priyanka Kanoj  Published on  8 Aug 2019 6:58 AM GMT
Ajiths honest remake Nerkonda Paarvai satisfies his fans?

Tamil actor Ajith is one of the most celebrated heroes in Kollywood. With a gigantic fan base, despite his movies receiving grounded reviews, they are celebrated.

The movie Nerkonda Paarvai is the official remake of Amitabh Bachchan's Hindi movie Pink and hits the screens today. Thala Ajith's fans who were eagerly awaiting the release are on a high and the theatres’ are full.

Early reports coming in of the movie are positive. It appears that the director H. Vinoth has handled the sensitive subject keeping the Tamil audience in mind.
Directed by H. Vinoth, Nerkonda Paarvai is a courtroom drama which involves three young women who are falsely accused of physical attack by a group of entitled men. In this message-oriented movie Ajith plays the role of the advocate.

The movie is an honest attempt at how patriarchy has been engraved into the thinking of people. Nerkonda Paarvai portrays the double standards of society and why women are wronged for the mistakes of men most of the times.

Before the release there was doubt about how Ajith would satisfy his fans with this dram that has an underlying message—women’s consent and this is reiterated in the movie. Overall, the audience seems to have taken well to the movie.

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