An Ode to ISRO from 10-year-old

By Dheeshma  Published on  9 Sep 2019 4:01 PM GMT
An Ode to ISRO from 10-year-old

“Maybe Vikram actually did land,

And Pragyan is still alive and getting

ready to send graphical bands,

and then the success will be in or hands.”

- Anjaneya

Yes, Anjaneya was right with his prediction! When everyone assumed India lost its moon mission, the 10-year-old Anjaneya wrote his ‘ode to Isro’, a heartwarming poem – “Chandrayaan 2, feelings of a grateful Indian” which asks Isro scientists to stay courageous. And now Anjaneya's words are coming true!

“Don’t get dishearted soon, we’ll definitely reach the moon”, Anjaneya wrote. Offering new ray of hope as Isro has finally spotted Viskran, Anjaneya’s poem has now gone viral on social media.

“Don’t forget the orbiter is still there,

It will send us pictures, which is our next affair.

It will tell us where to go,

Where to sow our plants and let them grow,” wrote this young genius.

Through his poem, Anjaneya thank Isro on behalf of the nation. He says its an Inspiration to kids of the next generation.

“Isro scientists are an inspiration

for the kids of this generation,

Isro you are our pride,

A heartfelt thanks from a

grateful nation.”

The poem which was initially posted by Anjanaya's mother Jyoti Kaul on Twitter has already received 3K retweets and 12.8K likes.

"He has a very untidy hand... when he was scribbling the poem, I told him he wrote well but if he writes neatly again I would send his poem to Isro scientists and PM. So he quickly made this effort, and I had to keep my promise.," tweeted Ms Kaul.

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