Hyderabad: Anasuya Bharadwaj expressed her anger on social media on Saturday. She took to Twitter to express her displeasure for being exposed wrongly.
‘Hahaha edavaleka navvutunna (I am laughing, unable to cry)’, was her response when the media broke the news that she apologized to a Telanaga MLA. The apology went viral in the media and portrayed Anasuya as someone who committed a grave mistake and humiliated the MLA.
Anasuya is also seriously campaigning against Uranium mining in Telangana. She had mistakenly tagged TRS MLA Jogu Ramanna when she tweeted against Uranium mining. She thought Ramanna was the forest minister of Telangana. But then realised that Indrakaran Reddy is the forest minister. Anasuya regretted her mistake and tweeted that she was not good at current affairs.
As usual, the media highlighted the issue of the ‘apology’ and sidetracked the most important thing, the adverse effects of Uranium mining. This irked Anasuya and she came down on the media for focusing on unnecessary things while important issues are left behind. ‘When do they feel a responsibility?’ she posed the question on social media.

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