Anti-CAA protestors detained at Charminar

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  1 Jan 2020 1:15 PM GMT
Anti-CAA protestors detained at Charminar

Hyderabad: Even as everyone was gearing up to bid farewell to 2019 and welcoming 2020, many people, especially youth, were more preoccupied with staging anti-CAA, NRC and NPR protests.

There was a large protest at Charminar on Tuesday and concurrently one was held outside the police station in the vicinity. Bothe protests met with police opposition. The protesters assembled at Charminar carrying placards and began singing the national anthem and reciting Constitution of India provisions. The other group protested in front of the police station shouting slogans. The protestors complained that they violently pushed out by police personnel, who were charged with misbehaving with the protestors and using abusive language. Six protestors were detained on the grounds that they ‘posed a risk to the security.

A case has been booked against the protesters under IPC Section 151(Knowingly joining or continuing in assembly after it has been commanded to disperse).

The CAA was passed by the Centre on December 12.

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